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In loving memory of Kay Goularte. She always had a smile that we’ll never forget. We had many talks with her pitside at BCRA Vintage and Midget event’s over the past few years and will miss her greatly. She was always by the side of her loving husband Frank. Last season they were at every BCRA Midget race helping Stu Donaldson (Owner) and Driver Scott Nail. It was great to see and talk to her almost every week. I know she will be looking over us from heaven making sure we are ok. Her spirt will be with us forever. This photo is the last one I took of Kay (C) at the BCRA Banquet 1-31-09 with her husband Frank by her side and good friend and driver Scott Nail. We will miss you Kay but you will always be in our hearts.

Northern California racing community is in morning after learning that up and coming driver Christian Stover died 4-2-09. It is with great saddness that we post this photo of a driver so young and so talented. I regreat never talking to him or getting his head shot thinking he will be around for years to come. I did talk to his respected car owner Harley Van Dyke about his new driver and he told me Christian is just as good as one of his former drivers Brad Sweet. It is a shame that God took him just as he was getting started in life. R.I.P Christian Stover
David Prickett (15) and Nick Foster Jr. (1) take a checkered flag lap in memory of many time BCRA Midget winner Dallen McKenney who passed away much to early in life. May we always remember him as a winner on and off the track. 07-16-11

Kyle Larson pays tribute to Jesse Hockett during the Golden State Challenge Series’ Memorial Day Weekend at Calistoga. (05-30-10)

In Memory of Jim Turner who passed away during the running of the 9-28-07 SCRA 360’s main event at Kings Speedway. I never met the man but saw him race several times the above photo was taken at the 410 shootout at Chowchilla Speedway in 2006. He also built and drove schoolbus’s at Chowchilla Speedway. Rest in Peace Jim Turner

In memory of Buzz Bither. Buzz raced back in the day and was seen most weekend nights at a race track. We were fortunate enough to share alot of good memories with Buzz at Delta Speedway and chasing the Mighty Midgets of the BCRA all over the state. I’ll always remember Buzz as in the above photo where he always had a smile. He coulden’t have been happier when he was out at the races. Godspeed Buzz. We’ll miss you!!

In memory of Bob Consani. On this night Davey Hamilton drove his famous 4c Sprinter to Madera’s Harvest Classic win in 2000. We will miss the 4c.

Alex Pruett passed suddenly much too young in life. After reading his name in Arizona race results for many years we met him at a race at Stockton 99 Speedway we took a few photos and chatted for a few moments. We had been following his races results from Indiana and are saddened to learn of his passing may he Rest in Peace. May his race results continue in Heaven.

The Northern California Racing community has lost a great supporter in Gary Dennett. Gary supported racing for many years with his sons at the wheel of his racecars. They raced from Odysseys to Midgets and collected wins in all divisions they raced. His BCRA accomplishments include BCRA Lite Championships in 2001-2002 with son Greg driving and another in 2004 with Scott Kinney at the wheel. Gary also won the Midget Car Owners championship in 2004. Gary was inducted into the BCRA Hall of Fame in 2006. We first met Gary at San Jose Speedway in 1996 when Todd and Greg ran Micro’s and we have have seen them race countless times while moving up the racing ladder. He always had a smile on his face win or lose and always had time to look over our photos and share stories with us in the pits. Let us all remember Gary looking proud with his family and friends close at hand as he was the night of the 2005 BCRA Banquet. Rest in Peace Gary Dennett, we were proud to call you a friend.

Ronnie Day takes a checkered flag lap for car owner Roger Henderson Sr. on the Calistoga Speedway front streightaway that his famous 7N has won many time

Kerry Madsen takes a memorial lap for long time Califorina car owner Dave Helm

The West Coast racing world has been saddened since hearing of the news about of the passing of writer Gary Jacob. Gary started reporting on west coast racing from an early age and in his later years wrote close to one thousand stories a season documenting countless races and more importantly the story of those who participated. His overall knowledge of the sport was unparalleled. He knew facts about the drivers and their accomplishments most had long forgotten. Be it a young kart racer from Red Bluff to a senior late model racer from Petaluma or even a street stock driver with limited starts, Gary knew who they were and off the top of his head could flood you with info about them. Gary should be admired for his countless hours writing about not only the events he attended but others that no one else wanted to report on. He had the great ability to summarize an event without leaving out all the extra details about the drivers readers want to know. His columns were a must read. He drove to promote the sport and it’s racers equally. He strived to document as many races as he could and his written word will live on as a tribute to a man who dedicated his life to the sport he loved. The West Coast racing world will sorely miss writer Gary Jacob.
After reading his work in Racing Wheels for years I first met Gary at Manzanita Speedway during a Copper World weekend. He supported me when I started writing and running a website for Northern California Micro Sprint racing. From 1997 to 2001 he provided me with weekly race reports from all the micro sprint races and encouraged my efforts. We would annually run into each other during the racing season and Gary would fill me in on all the racing news. I was privileged to inform him of his win in the annual Ron Hedger Media Division class a few years ago at Tulare. He thought he had been beat out by fellow California writer Ron Rodda so he was surprised to hear he had attended a few more races than Rodda to post the win for attending the most events in a season. That was the last time our paths crossed and I am saddened that I won’t encounter the big guy with his clipboard in hand again. We have lost a great supporter of racing. His untiring drive to document events that would otherwise be lost forever will live as a tribute to his dedication to the sport he loved. God Speed Gary Jacob. You will be missed by many!