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Memories Continued

Our Grandma Kathryn Rombeck passed away in February. Grandma and Grandpa took us in during the summers for much of our lives and we have fond memories of the time spent with them in Junction City, KS. In her last years she supported our photography efforts and didn’t mind that when Matt and I came to visit we would spend most of our time going to the races. Gandpa passed in 1996 and always took Matt and I out on drives and kept us busy. They were married for over 50 years and took great care of each other. They were the best to us and we will miss both of them dearly.

Earl Acker: Our great uncle Earl passed away September 16, 2001. Earl loved to go fishing and would take us when we were growing up during our annual summer trips to my Grandparents in Junction City, KS. Earl was no stranger to race tracks as the above photo indicates in our first trip to Belleville in 1994. We were glad to visit him briefly August 6th in the hospital where we filled him in on the fishing report from out in CA. Thanks for the great memories Uncle Earl we will miss you. Earl is survived by wife of over 50 years, Helen Acker, daughter Judy Blixt and son Dick Acker all of Chapman KS, as well as many great and grand children.

Bill Spencer: We grew up listening to “Big” Bill Spencer announce at our local track San Jose Speedway. He always provided great race calls and we will never forget the Ooh myy’s and that unique and unforgettable voice. We were privileged enough to meet Bill personally through the Motor Sports Press Association. He loved motorcycle racing and that’s where I caught him in the above photo. Bill passed suddenly en route to the big race track in the sky, were I’m sure those patented ohh myy’s are heard in the distance.

Del Quinn: Del “Mighty” Quinn was a legend here in Northern California, racing til his final day at Hanford California’s Kings Speedway. He will be fondly remembered in Northern California for his many race wins and dedication to the sport of motor racing.

Larry Trigueiro has won hundreds of races all accross the country with many top drivers at the wheel of his race cars. His last visit to victory lane came at Madera Speedway, September 19, 2000 when longtime driver Davey Hamilton put his SuperMod in victory lane in the 29th running of the Harvest Classic. He was a legendary car owner and respected through-out the U.S. for his winning race cars. We will all miss seeing him at the track.

Stan Fox raced his way to the top. We was an Indy 500 veteran as well as one of the best midget and champ car drivers. Although we did not know Stan on a personal level we saw him often at USAC events. At Belleville in 2000, he was selling photos of his bad wreck at Indy, all proceeds going to his Friends of the Fox – Head Injury Support Group. As I bought one we chatted for a few moments and then we both went on our ways. He got me for another few bucks later in the night, always sporting that smile of his. Money well spent for a few more memories I have of Stan Fox. He will be fondly remembered and sorely missed.

Pete Frazier was a talented mid-west driver that accomplished a lot in his career. Pete specialized in micro sprints were he founded a successful chassis company called Factor 1 chassis. We were fortunate enough to see him race in Hanford California during the NMMA Nationals event held there. Pete won the 600cc multi class main event that weekend. He also raced sprint cars near Tulsa, Oklahoma, his hometown.

Kenny Irwin raced his way to the top the sport. Kenny was a talented open wheel and stock car driver. I will always remember the day when I was first starting out in photography and we went to the Silver Crown and Midget race at the Sacramento Mile. My first time close to the track that day, Kenny was qualifying the Lewis #9 and I took the above right photo. When he screamed by at what seemed to be 150mph (probably closer to 90- 100mph) what a rush that was! Above left photo of Kenny was at the 2000 Copper World Classic at Phoenix. He will be sorely missed.

JW Mitchell suffered severe injuries later in this heat race at King’s Speedway in late 1999 that would take his life several months later. Family, friends and fans have missed him dearly since his passing.

Toby Jorgensen was a 17 year old Motorcycle racer from Stockton CA. that was critically injured in a race in Dallas TX. that would take his life a few weeks later. Before his death, fans and competators raised thousands of dollars to help his recovery efforts. We were glad to be able to see Toby race at San Jose Speedway, June 26th, 1999, where he won a Dash race and finished third in the main event.

Roger Paulson will be fondly remembered in Northern California, for his love of racing. Roger competed in Motorcycles and Micro-Midgets for many years competing at numerous tracks throughout California.

Pennsylvania Posse member (1) Kevin Gobrecht races Tim Crawley in All Stars/NCRA sprint car action at Eagle Raceway in Aug. ’98 (Left). (Right) Kevin Gobrecht drove to his third Chanellock Dash win of the season at Calistoga Speedway 9/4/99.  Thanks for the Memories G-Man.