Tributes Page 2

This Page it Dedicate to remembering those who touched our lives

We are saddened to hear of Wayne Albright’s passing. He was a great supporter of Northern California racing as well as loving Husband and Father. We met years ago and he was one of the first guys to run our M&M Photos stickers on his cars in Micro Midget and BCRA Midget Lite cars he owned. We’ll miss Wayne alot!!

We are saddened to hear of the loss of Jason Leffler. Our hearts go out to all family, friends and fans. We first saw Jason race at Altamont Speedway back in the mid nintys where he won in the Sprint Car division. We were just fans back then but we have followed his career ever since. Once we started taking photos we crossed paths many times with Jason. In 1997 when he dominated the Belleville Midget Nationals we were so excited and proud of him. We last saw Jason at last years Trophy Cup were we chatted for a few moments. He achieved what most drivers only dream of. Godspeed Jason Leffler.

M&M Photos would like to send out our condolences to family, friends and fans of Northern California driver Stephen Allard. We enjoyed his watching his racing style and consistant runs. We’ll miss the small talk we used to have with him in the pits.

M&M Photos would like to send our condolences to family, friends and fans of Tyler Wolf who lost his life after an accident at Calistoga Speedway. We’ve met hundreds of racers over the years and they all seem to be happiest when racing their cars. Let’s all remember Tyler for his hard drives, passion for racing and let his accomplishments never be forgotten.

Dale Wondergem
M&M Photos would like to send out our condolences to family, friends and fans of Northern California car owner Dale Wondergem. We have been great fans of the team over the years. Godspeed Dale, you’ll be missed by many.

Nick Foster Sr.
M&M Photos would like to send out our condolences to family and friends of Northern California driver, car owner and super fan Nick Foster Sr. We met Nick and his boys Jonathan and Nicholas at San Jose Speedway when they ran 250cc Micros. He invited us over after the races for some BBQ as if he had know us for years. Since then we have watched his boys grow up and progress up the racing ladder over the last 15 or so years. Nick was always there, tuning the car, giving advise or cooking up something for their hard working crew. We always stopped by and talked to Nick and will dearly miss our long chats in between races in the pits. He will be missed by many.

In Memory of legendary central Valley driver Al Pombo. Al started his career at Merced Speedway racing Jalopies in 1948. Al went on to race hardtops, sprint cars and super modifieds and won more than 500 main events, seven NASCAR supermodified titles and numerous other championships at short tracks throughout California before he retired in 1971. Al waged many memorable duels with rival Marshall Sargent at tracks like Clovis and Kearney Bowl in the 50’s and 60’s. Al was seen at tracks such as Tulare, Hanford and Madera in the past several years selling his wares and greeting fans old and young alike. We didn’t know Al on a personal level but he was always good for a firm handshake and quick story about his racing exploits. God Speed Al Pombo.
Photo of: Grandson Anthony Pombo and Al share victory lane in 2007.